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AIM Consulting Engineering


AIMConsulting Engineering And IT

AIM is an company for management consulting. As your partner we support you reliably and competently in all phases of the technical and operational requirements for you.

  • Provide for your company skilled experts such as engineers and IT specialists for medium and longterm projects
  • Strengthen your business through Internet presence (websites, social media, e-brochures and many others)


Entrepreneurs often associate their companies with

  • a vision, to motivate and move all participants ...
  • a dream, that should be achieved ...

AIM Consulting Engineering and IT firmly believes in the importance of
- preservation and continuation of these individual reasons for movement and want to be involved in this
- at the same time we would like to contribute to achieve the objective of these various companies.


We achieve this more as a friend and accompany you on your way in the various tasks of engineering, IT and corporate presence. We provide you with the targeted professionals support and bring to you the expected solutions. Specific functional expertise, years of experience and broad coverage of numerous sectors forms the basis of AIM Consulting Engineering and IT - team.

AIMConsulting Engineering and IT

For this quite young company, we have set ourselves as an AIM/target among others: "completely satisfaction of our clients in the long-term and the quality of our services - these are our highest priorities"